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Transferring seedlings into your Airgarden

Transferring seedlings into your Airgarden

Remember, you MUST ensure the roots have grown through before you transfer seedlings to your Airgarden. To transfer seedlings, you can view the steps to follow below, watch video instructions on YouTube, or download a print-friendly PDF version.

  • Take an individual seedling plug and place it into one of the small black pots (or “grow cups”) provided. Do not remove the white mesh covering the seedling plug
  • Ensure the bottom of the plug is touching the bottom of the cup
  • Place the net pot into the planting site by pushing the back of the net pot down with your finger, to tuck it under the top edge. If you struggle, use a knife or solid object to help


Where to plant seedlings

What's next: Filling the base - water, nutrients & PH levels >
What's next: Setting up your timer & turning your Airgarden on! >

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