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Setting up your timer

Setting up your timer

To set up your Airgarden timer and plug in your Airgarden, you can view the steps to follow below, watch video instructions on YouTube, or download a print-friendly PDF version.

Note: You only need to switch on the timer and plug it in once your seedlings are ready to be transferred into the Airgarden. Your pump must be plugged in to the timer to ensure your plants are watered in appropriate intervals.

Note 2: Some timers are white and don't match the timer showed in the video exactly, but fear not - the principles and basic setup is the same!

Setup steps

  • Open the clear cover and turn the large white dial to the time of day it is (24-hour time)
  • You will see little black notches running all around the outside rim of the timer.
  • Each notch represents 15 minute intervals which control the timing of the pump - when notches are down the pump will run, when they are up it will not run. So for example, 3 notches down and 1 up repeated around the entire circle will mean watering intervals of 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off
  • The cycle you will use is determined by the climate you live in as per the below: 

    Average daily temp

    On (notch down)

    Off (notch up)

    Hot: Above 35ºc

    15 (1 down)

    15 (1 up)

    Warm: Between 15ºc - 35ºc

    15 (1 down)

    30 (2 up)

    Cold: Below 15ºc

    15 (1 down)

    45 (3 up)

    • Use a flathead screwdriver or the tip of a pen to push down the appropriate notches based on the above. 

    • Switch the red button under the clear cover to ON so you see the “I”symbol
    • Plug your pump into the timer, and plug the timer into a power source, and you are away!

    What's next: Transferring seedlings into your Airgarden >

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