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Grow plants & minds with the Airgarden

A hands-on learning experience that allows children to grow their own food right from their classroom, teaching them invaluable lessons across science, sustainability, maths, food equity, community and more, whilst engaging them with their health and the planet.

6 reasons why you should grow with Airgarden in your school

Hands on learning
Engage your students with a hands-on, project based learning experience.

Grow in the classrom
Grow where the learning happens, whether that's in a classroom, lab our garden.

Better results, less work
The Airgarden eliminates common growing pains like pests, soil and manual watering.

Promote health
Students benefit from eating fresh produce and learning about the benefits of healthy eating.

Grow the entire year
Grow for the whole school year, no matter where you are, with an indoor Airgarden system.

ACARA aligned lesson plans
Support learning with 50+ Australian curriculum aligned lesson plans and resources.

Autralian curriculum aligned lesson plans

Created by educators specifically for educators, the Airgarden Schools Program turns any school into an academic and standards-based learning experience.

With technology-enabled lesson plans which use food and plant life-cycles to teach multiple subjects, students learn critical thinking and problem solving as they explore, discover and create their own ecosystem using Airgarden aeroponic growing systems.

Currently available for Prep to year 8.

Interested in growing in your school?

Interested in growing in your school?