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Case Study - Bellbird Public School

Case Study - Bellbird Public School

Bellbird Public School is a primary school in NSW, who started growing with the Airgarden with their Stage 2 (grades 3 and 4) students in 2021. Below we talked to Assistant Principle, Carolyne Deal, about their experience so far!

Why did you decide to start growing with Airgarden in your school?

As a school we approach each term around a theme and our theme for Term 2 was 'When I Grow Up', so the Airgarden was a super way to link science through authentic learning opportunities.

How was your experience growing with Airgarden?

The kit arrived with simple directions and loads of support. The kids (and staff) of Stage 2 were highly engaged from the beginning of the process and continue to be so as we replant for a Summer crop in Term 4. Using the Airgarden provided many problem solving opportunities along the way making this a hugely positive ongoing experience.

Students and staff have both gained valuable learning opportunities from the Airgarden.

How did you incorporate the Airgarden and the Airgarden curriculum into your teaching?

The physical aspects of construction and looking after the plants were shared amongst classes. We utilised many of the lesson plans from the extensive curriculum program that was provided. The Airgarden was addressed through Maths, English, Creative Arts and Science. 

The Airgarden lesson-plans were easy to use and there were so many different opportunities covered. 

What was the response from students?

All students were engaged from construction, germination and nurturing the seeds, transplanting, watering, checking levels, harvesting, cooking, tasting, reviewing, pruning, removing and starting all over again. It was new, growth was quick, the kids were eating produce and learning new information. Perfectly aligned to Stage 2.

Would you recommend Airgarden to other schools?

The Airgarden is so worth every moment. We had no previous experience in this way of growing plants, but the learning journey has been motivating, interesting, engaging, curriculum aligned and a wonderful authentic experience for our Stage. 

I would highly recommend this kit to any school with a motivated staff member to lead the adventure.

A huge thank you to all involved in this sensational STEM kit!

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