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Case Study - Coomealla High School

Case Study - Coomealla High School

Coomealla High School is a secondary school in regional NSW, who started growing with the Airgarden with their Stage 4 (year 7 and 8) students in 2021. Below we talked to Maths/Science teacher Michelle Graham about their experience so far!

Why did you decide to start growing with Airgarden in your school?

We took the opportunity to trial something new and it links very well with the Stage 4 Technology mandatory syllabus.

How was your experience growing with Airgarden?

Very positive - we were amazed how simple the process was, and our students really liked the Airgarden and still do.

How did you incorporate the Airgarden into your teaching?

We developed a whole T&L Program for our year 7 & 8 students around the Airgarden and incorporated the Airgarden and relevant Digital Technologies. We then used it as part of the assessment task.

What was the response of your students to the Airgarden?

Our students were very keen and are still loving it. They found the concept of aeroponic growing very interesting and were very surprised how quickly they could produce food and how high the quality was compared to traditional methods of growing. 

Would you recommend Airgarden to other schools?

Yes definitely - it is a very good solution for those schools who need to teach agriculture, but don’t have the resources, space or infrastructure to grow in a traditional soil-based garden.

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