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Why is aeroponics so damn cool

Aeroponics was developed by NASA as a solution for growing food in space. With aeroponics, plants are grown in air and mist without the use of any soil, meaning they have consistently high levels of oxygenation, resulting in faster growth than any other form of gardening.

Aeroponics continually recycles water using an automated pump system, requiring 95% less water than traditional gardening.

And by creating a controlled agricultural environment that eliminates the risk factors of soil-based gardening, even the blackest thumbs can successfully grow!

How to order

Once you order your Airgarden, we’ll send you an email and you'll select which plants you’d like to grow. You can grow 30 at once, out of a possible 150 different varieties of herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers.

You can choose to grow your own seeds from scratch (1-2 weeks), or we can do it for you and send you ready-to-plant seedlings.

What to grow

The rule of thumb is if it doesn’t grow in the ground (e.g. a potato or a pumpkin), and it doesn’t grow on a tree (e.g. an apple or a banana), IT’S FAIR GAME!

View the full list of 150 herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers you can grow here.

View our guide for what to plant based on your location and season here.

Setting Up & Growing

Once your Airgarden is set up and your seedlings are ready, you simple transfer them in via grow cups – all taking less than 5 minutes and requiring zero soil or toil.

Make sure your Airgarden is positioned somewhere with a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight, fill the base with water, add the liquid nutrients provided, and you are ready to grow.

Maintaining your Airgarden

Maintaining your Airgarden is easier than slicing bread. Just check the water and nutrient levels once per week, and add more as needed. That’s it!

Even though your Airgarden is far less susceptible to them, some plants can attract pests. So keep an eye on your leaves and trim any sick ones when needed.

We also recommend a seasonal clean out. You can check out our blog for more tips and tricks.