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How the Airgarden works

The Airgarden is built with a growing technology called aeroponics – a solution developed by NASA to grow food in air and mist, without the use of any soil.

Inside the Airgarden, roots are consistently provided the perfect levels of H2O and nutrients to thrive, resulting in faster growth and less maintenance than any other form of gardening.

Getting started

After ordering your Airgarden, the first step is growing seedlings.

Your Airgarden comes with everything you need to grow your own seedlings (including 5 packets of seeds).

Or for a hassle-free option, you can buy seedlings from us – we'll grow them for you and deliver them to you for immediate transfer into your Airgarden.

What you can grow

The rule of thumb is if it doesn’t grow in the ground (e.g. potatoes, carrots), and it doesn’t grow on a tree (e.g. apples or bananas), IT’S FAIR GAME!

View the full list of 150 herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers you can grow here.

View our guide for what to plant based on your location and season here.

Just 5 minutes per week

Maintaining your Airgarden is easier than slicing bread. Just check the water, nutrient and PH levels once per week, and harvest as needed. That’s it!

We're also here to help every step of the way, check out our blog for guides, tips and tricks.