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Airgarden Placement & Assembly

Airgarden Placement & Assembly

To set up your Airgarden, you can view the steps to follow below, watch video instructions on YouTube, or download a print-friendly PDF version.

Where to put your Airgarden

  • A sunny spot with 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Access to continuous power less than 10 metres away
  • Access to an outdoor tap or water source 
  • 1 square metre of level space with easy access

Additional setup tips

  • It’s ideal to keep your Airgarden off the ground to help with temperature control, allow for easy movement to ensure your plants all get equal sunlight throughout the week, and minimise the noise of the pump. The best way to do this is with an Airgarden Dolly. Alternatively a dolly from Bunnings will do the trick provided it fits the 60cm base.
  • Cover your plants with a pest net if required (e.g. insects, possums)
  • Use an umbrella for shade when hot (daily temp above 30º)
  • Use a heater to control the reservoir water temperature when cold (daily temp below 15º), setting it to 24 degrees celsius for optimal growth.

Airgarden assembly

Step 1) Unbox your Airgarden

  1. Take out the pump from the base reservoir, and place it on the ground where you want to set up your Airgarden

Step 2) Fit the pump

  1. Attach suction feet to the 4 slots on the base of the pump.
  2. Adjust the dial on the front of the pump to the ¾ mark.
  3. Fit pump to the inside base of base reservoir 

Step 3) Fit the pump hose and support rods

  1. Fit the pump hose to the bottom growing level (marked with the red dot)
  2. Screw the 2 vertical support rods clockwise into the tabs in the base reservoir.

Step 4) Fit support rods to the bottom growing level

  1. Take the bottom growing level and place at the top of the vertical support rods
  2. Guide the section down the rods to sit on top of the base, locking into place
  3. Reach into the base and screw the connector hose into the pump

Step 5) Fit all growing levels

  1. Take 1 Growing Level and place it at the top of the Vertical Support Rods 
  2. Line up the 2 holes on the underside of the Growing Level Section with the rods; then guide it down to sit on top of the first Growing Level 
  3. Repeat the same process until all 5 Growing Levels are fitted.

Step 6) Fit irrigation distributor

  1. Take the Irrigation Distributor and line up the cutout section with the fixed pipe of the top Growing Level
  2. Line up the 2 holes in the Irrigation Distributor with the Vertical Support Rods and guide it down the Rods.
  3. Take 2 x Washers and Wingnuts and hand-screw over each Vertical Support Rod

Step 7) Fit irrigation pipe and top cap

  1. Take the Irrigation Pipe and fit it over the fixed pipe of the top Growing Level Section. Push it down to ensure it is secure.
  2. Take the Top Cap and line up the edges
  3. Place down firmly; ensure all tabs are sitting on the inside edges of the Irrigation Distributor and there are no gaps.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Airgarden. 


What's next: Setting up your timer >

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