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How to grow seedlings in Airgarden coco-coir grow plugs

The first step for growing plants hydroponically in the Airgarden is strong, healthy seedlings. Seedlings are the earliest stage of a plant's lifecycle, that have recently germinated from seeds. Having healthy seedlings is crucial to successful growth in the Airgarden, as plants' roots must be sufficiently formed to access the water and nutrients distributed within the Airgarden system. 

There are a few options for growing seedlings to plant in your Airgarden:

  1. Buy ready-to-plant seedlings from us (available in metro Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)
  2. Grow from seed in our coco-coir grow plugs (everything you need to do this comes included with your Airgarden)
  3. Use young soil-grown seedlings and hydroponic clay balls (read instructions here)

Growing seedlings in Airgarden coco-coir grow plugs

Growing your own seedlings for your Airgarden gives you complete control and flexibility over what you grow and when. It's easy to do, and typically takes 2-3 weeks from sowing seeds to transferring to your Airgarden.

You can view the steps to follow below.

Step 1) Decide what to grow

The first step is selecting what plants you'll grow! Use our growing guide to see what's in season for your location. 

We provide 5 packets of seeds with your Airgarden (Kale, Cos Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, and Cucumber), but for anything else you want to grow you can use seeds from anywhere (e.g. Bunnings, your local nursery). For the best results use fresh seeds, as after a year or two most seeds don’t germinate as well.

Step 2) Sow your seeds

  • Remove the grow plug tray from your propagation kit
  • Add 1L of warm water to the solid black tray
  • Place the tray with 30 grow plugs back into the solid seedling tray with the warm water.
  • The grow plugs will expand and soak up the water over 3 - 10 minutes. If the tops are still dry, add water directly to the top until dark brown and glistening.
  • Punch a 5mm hole in the top of each grow plug using a pen or pencil
  • Place seeds in the holes, then lightly re-cover with the coir you removed
    • Lettuces: 2-4 seeds
    • Herbs: 6-8 seeds
    • Asian greens: 4-5 seeds
    • Leafy greens (kale, rocket, silverbeet): 3-4 seeds
    • Fruiting vegetables: 1-2 seeds
  • Place clear lid back on top of solid seedling tray

Step 3) Wait for seeds to germinate (sprout)

  • Place the tray inside in a bright place, but out of direct sunlight. If they’re on a cool surface place a tea-towel underneath to keep the tray warm
  • Wait for them to germinate i.e. sprout above the surface. Do not add any more water during this time. Seeds typically take 2-7 days to germinate.

Step 4) Put in sunlight and water as required

  • As soon as seeds sprout transfer them to an open tupperware container and place them in direct sun for 3 hours per day, or 8 hours under a fluorescent or LED desk lamp.
  • As plugs start turning light brown (i.e. are drying out) add water to the top or dip into water
  • Once all your seeds have sprouted, you can remove the clear lid and move them all back to the main tray

Step 5) Increase sunlight after 5 days

  • After 5 days, place seedlings in direct sun for 6 hours per day or under a fluorescent or LED desk lamp for 12 hours per day
  • As plugs start turning light brown (i.e. are drying out) add water to the top or dip into water
  • Note - in very hot conditions, you may need to add water every day. You should also keep seedlings out of direct sunlight when the temperature exceeds 25+ degrees to ensure they don't dry out too rapidly.

Step 6) Add nutrients to water after 10 days

  • After 10 days, start adding half strength nutrients when adding water i.e. 1ml of Part 1 and Part 2 Airgarden nutrient solution per 1 litre of water
  • Continue to add water and nutrient solution as required

Step 7) Wait for the roots to show

  • Seedlings must have roots showing at the bottom of the grow plug before being transferred to your Airgarden. This typically takes 2-4 weeks.
  • When roots are through you can move these seedlings into your Airgarden!

What's next: Transferring seedlings into your Airgarden >

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