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How To Use Hydroponic Clay Balls To Grow Plants In Your Airgarden

How To Use Hydroponic Clay Balls To Grow Plants In Your Airgarden

Hydroponic clay balls, also known as hydroton or expanded clay pebbles, are a type of growing medium that is commonly used in hydroponic gardening. These balls are made of clay that has been heated to a high temperature, causing it to expand and become porous. The resulting balls are lightweight and have a high surface area, which makes them ideal for providing support and nutrients to the roots of plants.

When growing plants in your Airgarden, if you're located in an area that's unable to receive ready-to-plant seedlings, clay balls provide a great alternative to coconut-coir grow plugs for a couple of reasons:

  1. They're re-usable, making them both environmentally friendly and cost effective
  2. Rather than growing seedlings from seed, which takes 2-3 weeks, you can buy young soil grown seedlings from Bunnings or your local nursery that are ready to plant immediately in your Airgarden – that means instant gratification!

How to use hydroponic clay balls with your Airgarden

  1. Soak your clay balls in water for 24 hours – this step is super important, as it ensures your plant roots won't dry out when first transferred into your Airgarden
  2. Thoroughly rinse the soil off the roots of your seedlings
  3. Place a seedling in an Airgarden grow cup, running the roots through the middle bottom hole
  4. Surround the roots in the grow cup with clay balls – this can be done easily by dipping the grow cup in the water / floating clay balls
  5. Ensure your seedling is standing upright and is well supported by the clay balls
  6. Transfer the grow cup into the appropriate grow spot in your Airgarden

Hydroponic clay balls are a great way to grow plants in your Airgarden, and they can be used to grow any of the 150 plants you can grow – from herbs and leafy greens to fruiting vegetables and flowers. They are easy to use, re-usable, and provide plants with the support and nutrients they need to thrive. Give them a try and see for yourself the benefits of using hydroponic clay balls to grow plants in your Airgarden!

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