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Grow Plugs


Our 100% certified organic grow plugs are proprietary to the Airgarden and are the only grow plugs that can be used to grow in the Airgarden. 

Airgarden version


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As the Airgarden is a 100% soilless system, our proprietary grow-plugs are the only medium that can be used to successfully grow in the Airgarden.

Airgarden grow plugs are made from a coconut husk bi-product called coco-coir. Coco-coir is 100% OMRI Certified Organic.

Each grow plug tray consists of 45 x coco-coir plugs, which will typically last 4-6 months.
Option 1 - Grow your own

Everything you need to do this (grow plugs, propagation kit, nutrients) is included with your Airgarden, included 5 assorted seed packets. You can also buy seeds from your local Bunnings / nursery.

This is relatively easy, however does require daily monitoring. Growing healthy seedlings with strong root systems is crucial to successfully growing in the Airgarden.

You can find instructions on growing seedlings here.

Option 2 - Purchase ready-to-plant seedlings

If you live in QLD, NSW or VIC you can buy ready-to-plant seedlings from us here. We then grow and deliver your seedlings to your door in 3 weeks, ready for immediate transfer into your Airgarden.
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