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How to plant seeds in your Airgarden grow plugs

How to plant seeds in your Airgarden grow plugs

Having healthy, strong seedlings is crucial to successful growth in the Airgarden. If you’ve chosen to grow your own seedlings from seed in our coco-coir grow plugs, you can view the steps to follow below, or watch video instructions on YouTube.

Tips for selecting seeds

Video instructions

Step 1) Set up the grow plug tray

  • Remove the grow plug tray from inside the solid tray with the clear lid
  • Add 1L of warm water (max 35°C) to the solid tray
  • Place the grow plug tray back into the solid seedling tray with the warm water. The grow plugs will expand and soak up the water over 3 - 10 minutes. If the tops are still dry, add water directly to the top until dark brown and glistening


Step 2) Sow the seeds

  • Punch a 5mm hole in the top of each grow plug using a pen or pencil
  • Place seeds (as per the below table, or the instructions on the seed packet) in the hole, then lightly re-cover with the coir you removed
  • Label each grow plug so you know what seedlings are what
  • Place clear lid back on top of solid seedling tray
  • Keep seedlings in the propagation kit with the lid closed until they have germinated i.e. sprouted from the top
Plant Seeds per grow plug
Lettuces 2-6 seeds
Herbs 6-10 seeds 
Leafy greens 4 seeds
Larger fruiting vegetables

1-2 seeds


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