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Filling the base for the first time - water, nutrients & PH levels

Filling the base for the first time - water, nutrients & PH levels

When you're ready to transfer seedlings and fill the base of your Airgarden reservoir for the first time, you can view the steps to follow below, watch video instructions on YouTube, or download a print-friendly PDF version.

Step 1) Fill with water

  • Open the access port at the top of the base reservoir and use a hose to fill with cold water to 5mm below the power cord channel (approximately 75 litres)
    • NB: if you’re living in an apartment you can purchase an indoor tap adapter and hose. 

Step 2) Add nutrients

  • Add 170ml of Part 1 solution and stir with a large cooking spoon or similar utensil
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes (this is important)
  • Add 170ml of Part 2 solution and stir
    • NB: When maintaining your Airgarden, you’ll add 2ml of each nutrient for every litre of water added.

Step 3) Test and balance your PH levels

  • Use the supplied pH Kit and take a sample of the reservoir water using the test tube (only fill half way). 
  • Add 2 drops of indicator solution to the test tube and compare the colour to the indicator chart.

  • If pH is high add between 1-2ml of pH Down (if it is low, add pH Up) and re-test. You should use a dropper to measure precisely
  • Repeat steps until you reach the target pH


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