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How to clean your Airgarden

How to clean your Airgarden

You should clean your Airgarden at the start of each new season and, if you’re really diligent, between fresh plantings. So here are the three simple steps for cleaning your Airgarden.

Step 1) Empty the reservoir

  • Unscrew the bung in the reservoir and allow water to drain. You can direct the water onto the lawn, a garden bed or potted plants
  • Hose out any remaining debris
  • Screw the bung back into the reservoir 

Step 2) Disassemble your Airgarden

  • Remove your plants with the grow cups
  • Remove the showercap lid, by placing a flat head screw driver in the small notch on the side and push up until opened
  • Turn showercap base section anticlockwise, lift and disconnect clear hose
  • Repeat the same process with flat head screwdriver to remove the body top sections from the body bases
  • Turn body base sections anti clockwise (to the right) and remove
  • Unplug the hose from the pump and remove from the base reservoir
  • Take apart all the sections of the pump so you can clean it thoroughly

Step 3) Wash and clean

  • Fill your reservoir with warm water + 4 capfuls of vinegar + a few squirts of dishwashing liquid
  • Place all of the Airgarden parts in the water to soak for 20 - 30 mins
  • Scrub everything, and clear the irrigation distributor holes with a toothbrush
  • Follow the same process as above to clean the pump and net pots 

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