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How to finish growing seedlings

How to finish growing seedlings

Most seedlings take between 2-3 weeks to grow, but depending on a few factors (type of plant, sunlight, temperate), some take a little bit longer. 

When you buy ready-to-plant seedlings we want to strike the balance between getting you your seedlings ASAP so you can start growing, and ensuring that all of them are 100% ready to go. 

As such, when your seedlings arrive, some of them may need a little bit more time to grow before you plant them in your Airgarden. If they do, here's what to do.

How to tell if your seedlings are ready to be planted

In order to grow in the Airgarden, plants' roots need to be able to access the water and nutrients being circulated throughout the system. As such, they must be visible to the eye before being transferred to the Airgarden.

Check out this video for more information:

What to do with seedlings where the roots aren't through

1. Transfer seedlings into the base of your propagation kit or a tupperware container

Make sure you TAKE THE LID OFF your propagation kit.

2. Put seeds in sunlight 

  • Place seedlings in direct sun for 6 hours per day or under a fluorescent or LED desk lamp for 12 hours per day

3. Add water/nutrients as needed

  • If the plugs start turning light brown, they are drying out. 
  • Using a measuring dropper add 1ml of Part 1 and 1ml of Part 2 Airgarden nutrient solution (this also came in your Airgarden box) to a litre of water, then pour the mixture into the bottom of the tray
  • Continue to water with this mixture every 2-3 days until roots have sprouted

4. Transfer ready seedlings to your Airgarden

When roots have sprouted (i.e. you can see them coming out of the bottom of the grow plug) you can move these seedlings into your Airgarden following these instructions.
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