one of the great things about owning an airgarden is that you can see plants grow really fast, big and healthy. i myself can attest to sometimes not wanting to cut any leaves or touch the plants because they look so good!!


however, this is actually detrimental to enjoying not only great tasting produce, but also maximising your plants’ growth. we will go through each of the plant varieties you can grow in your airgarden and the best way to trim & harvest them for great taste and maximum production. With spring here, many plants are going to be needing a little short, back and sides.







we always encourage you to grow heat resistant varieties like cos, red & green loose leaf and rocket.


with all these varieties, it is best to trim outer leaves and leave the centre leaves intact. this can extend the time the plant produces for you and will taste great.




leafy greens (kale, bok choi, silverbeet etc)




kale, bok choi & silverbeet are a few of many leafy greens that appreciate a frequent haircut from the outer leaves too. be sure when harvesting to cut the leaves from the base of the main stem, again leaving the centre leaves intact to encourage new growth.


its a good idea to have a number of each plant in the airgarden, so you can have an abundance of greens to choose from. you can also share the excess with friends and neighbours!!  each planting level has 5 x planting spots, so maybe have all or 2-3 spots of one or two varieties on the same level.  






herbs like parsley, coriander, dill and some fennel varieties are best harvested by removing outside leaves regularly and before these leaves become old and should be regularly removed to encourage new growth in the centre of the plant.


for basil, most people are tempted to pick off the biggest leaves of the plant, those growing on the bottom branches. these leaves are the solar panels for the plant so leave them be and focus on trimming from the top. every time you prune the leaves from the top of the basil plant, it allows the plant to create two new branches from the spot that you picked.  


for mint, trimming is a pleasant experience as it releases that minty fragrance you will instantly recognise. It is best to trim mint from the top and if you see any flower heads emerge, make sure to cut them off. once established, mint can last for a long time in your airgarden and can take fairly regular pruning.