Tt doesn't matter if you are growing your greens in an Airgarden (big high five if you are!!!), the garden or getting them from a supermarket or fruit & veg shop - the dreaded wilting of leafy greens is something we all encounter.


I have been guilty of throwing out perfectly good produce, just because it was looking slightly sad. But hold fast, take your hands away from the bin and check out some fantastic tips from the legends at 1 million women to save your Lettuce, Kale, Silverbeet, Rocket and other leafy favourites. there are five keys steps involved.




Step 1: Materials



You'll need to gather the following things to bring those greens back to life:

  • wilted greens in need of saving
  • salad spinner
  • kitchen knife


*Optional ingredients for step 3:

  • lemon: (can substitute apple cider vinegar) can help revive lettuce but it is not necessary.
  • ice: can help lower the temperature of water.



Step 2: Remove the Ends



  • Remove the ends of your greens.


Cutting off the dead ends of your leafy greens will reopen the capillaries of the plant and allow it to take up more water into its lifeless leaves.





Step 3: Water



  • Fill your bowl with cold water.

*optional ice: add ice cubes to your water bath. this will continue to drop the temp of your water & help your leafy greens to become crispier and more rigid as it is revived.

* Optional Acid: if you'd like to add lemon or vinegar for extra crispness, add it now.






Step 4: Submerge



  • Submerge your leafy greens.
  • Let your leaves sit in their icy bath for up to an hour or until they have crisped to your liking.
  • The more wilted your greens are, the longer they will need to soak.
  • Cover with a lid, so that critters or other things don't get in.


Lettuce, like most of our produce is comprised of mostly water. Then it's wilted, it is dehydrated. when you submerge it into the water bath, the dehydrated lettuce cells will absorb water into its cells to try to equalize and balance the concentrations inside and outside the lettuce. As the lettuce cells take on more water, they will become more turgid and rigid, giving the lettuce it's original study and crisp shape.



Step 5: Drain and Dry



  • Remove any lemon slices you may have added.
  • Rinse and drain your leafy greens and add them to your salad spinner. spin until your greens are dry
  • You can also dry your leafy greens with a dish towel.
  • If you added either lemon or vinegar, you'll want to give you leafy greens a little extra rinse to get rid of the acid taste.


Step 6: Enjoy!


Your leafy greens should now be crisp and full of water as though you had just picked them from your own garden.