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The ROI on your Airgarden purchase

By :tom bauer

Upon first glance, the cost of an Airgarden may feel like a lot. We get it. But when you break it down, the value you'll gain is well worth the investment, delivering returns over and above the cost in just a few months.

We can break the ROI of an Airgarden down into three main areas:

  1. Direct savings on supermarket shopping
  2. Health and nutritional benefits
  3. Environmental benefits

1. Direct savings on supermarket shopping

Thanks to the use of innovative aeroponic technology (the process of growing plants in air and mist), the Airgarden grows plants faster and in significantly less space than any other form of gardening, meaning you're able to grow meaningful amounts of produce from virtually anywhere, with minimal time or experience required. 

The below infographic breaks down the actual retail value of what you can expect to grow in an Airgarden over a 6 month period compared to the average supermarket cost, using our ten most popular herbs, fruits and veggies as an example.


To grow the above over a 6 month period, the total cost of an Airgarden will be as follows:

Airgarden purchase


Additional nutrients


Additional grow plugs


Additional seeds






As the above demonstrates, the Airgarden will well and truly pay itself back in hard costs (to the tune of $121 to be precise!) within its first 6 months. Not to mention the ongoing returns it delivers over the course of its lifetime...

Annual running costs


Annual produce value


Annual ROI


2. Health & nutritional benefits

People are more conscious than ever about what they put into their bodies – in Australia, the demand for organic food that is herbicide and pesticide free has been growing by 20% year on year.

Yet herbicides and pesticides are a crucial ingredient for keeping supermarket produce in a saleable condition during its week-long journey from the farm to the shelf and into your fridge. And even with all these nasty chemicals, fruits and vegetables lose anywhere between 30 - 90% of their nutritional value within three days of being harvested.

Growing with the Airgarden is even better than organic (a term only applicable when soil is involved), with zero herbicides or pesticides involved at any stage, whilst also delivering the health benefits of fresh, garden-to-plate produce in every single meal. 

3. Environmental benefits

A massive one third of all food is wasted, and almost half of all fruit and vegetables produced are wasted (that’s 3.7 trillion apples).

Food is lost or wasted across the entire supply chain; 1/3 in our homes, 1/3 from farms and 1/3 from retail and hospitality.

40% of fruit and vegetables are rejected by the supermarket and thrown into landfill before they even make it onto the shelves - enough to fill 450,000 garbage trucks.

In our homes, 20% of the fruit and vegetables bought at the supermarket get thrown in the bin – that’s 1 in every 5 shopping bags which equates to $3,800 worth of groceries per household, per year.

Increasingly, we are becoming aware of just how broken our food system is, and consumers are actively seeking out products that can help them live a more sustainable life.

With the Airgarden, you only pick what you eat, which eliminates food wastage in your household. If everyone grew just 20% of what they ate, the impact on the environment would be game-changing. 

Still need convincing?

Hear directly from Airgarden customers about their return on investment.

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