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The mental health benefits of gardening

By :tom bauer
The mental health benefits of gardening

In any good year we can all feel overwhelmed, stressed, isolated and disconnected. 2020 has amplified these feelings, and in response many Australians are spending more time gardening - the below chart showing the time Australians spent gardening in 2019 compared to 2020.

A recent Nielsen study also shows internet related searches for gardening have more than doubled compared to last year.

According to plant life balance, gardening calms the emotional side of the brain and research shows that gardening, time in nature and being around plants reduces stress, just as active mindfulness can.

Research by plant life balance also found that there are many benefits to gardening. which include:

  • 66% of people feel a sense of satisfaction when gardening
  • 61% feel a sense of accomplishment when gardening
  • 58% of people experience improved mood when gardening
  • 53% feel more connected to nature
  • 34% of people experience an increase in creativity when gardening

Growing our own fresh fruit and veg gives us far more than just healthy food - it helps us be still, reconnect and feel calmer and more content. 


Tags : Health

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