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Must do weekly maintenance checks for your Airgarden

To keep your Airgarden thriving and producing healthy, massive harvests, there are some essential checks you need to be doing each week, all of which are super easy and take less than 10 minutes.

Check your water levels 1-2 times per week & add water as required

When you have new seedlings or are in cooler weather, check your water level once per week. During summer and when fruiting plants become larger (e.g. tomatoes, beans and cucumbers), check your water at least twice per week.

Only add water when the water level in your reservoir drops to halfway down. Fill it back up to the 'max fill' indicator. This will be around 40 litres of fresh water.

Always remember to test and adjust the pH to 6.0, but only add nutrients every second time you refill your reservoir.

Add nutrients every second time you add water

Add 2mls of part 1 and part 2 nutrients for every litre of water added. So for example, for 40 litres added (half the reservoir) add 80mls of part 1 and 80mls of part 2. Always add Part 1 and Part 2 nutrients separately, stirring your reservoir and waiting for 2-3 minutes in between. Check out the below video for further instructions on how to add nutrients. 

Check & balance your PH levels every time you add water

Use the pH tester kit provided with your Airgarden kit to test and balance your pH levels, aiming for a pH level of 6. Check out this article for instructions on how to test and balance your pH.

Check for pests & monitor leaf health

While the Airgarden prevents most pests, here’s what to do if you experience them. Leaves are also the leading indicator as to the health of your plants. Read this blog post for what to look out for and the solutions. 

Trim excess roots

Trim up to one third of any roots that have grown into the base reservoir or down to lower plants. If roots grow too long, they can block the water holes on the level below, causing water leakage out of the grow holes. Check out the below video for instructions on what to do.

Harvest & prune your plants regularly

Harvesting and pruning is super important. Check out our blog posts for more information on how to do it for your Airgarden plants:

Empty & refill your base reservoir every 6 weeks

Unscrew the bung at the bottom of your base reservoir and empty out all the water. Refill your Airgarden reservoir with 85 litres of fresh water, and add 200mls of both part 1 and part 2 liquid nutrients. It is also good to do a full clean of your Airgarden system at the start of each new season.

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