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Benefits of Aeroponics

Benefits of Aeroponics

Growing fresh herbs and veggies at home isn’t as simple as sticking a seed in the ground and watching it grow quickly into a healthy, fruitful plant. If you’ve ever given your green thumb a workout, you’ll know growing fruit and vegetables requires a significant amount of time, space and knowledge. Until now.

Thanks to aeroponics, a growing technology developed by NASA to grow food in space without soil, growing and enjoying sustainable fresh produce has never been easier. 

Here we outline the key benefits of growing with an aeroponic system such as the Airgarden.

Aeroponic Systems

Whilst growing with aeroponics may feel more daunting than growing in a garden bed or pots with soil, recent innovations in aeroponic technology has made DIY systems easier and more accessible than ever.

All-in-one system

When growing with soil or other raised bed veggie garden products, there are several overheads and additional costs that need to be considered. For example, to fill a 1x1m garden bed you’ll need at least 120 litres of soil and around 100 litres of fertilisers – and all of this means heavy lifting! You’ll also need accessories like gloves, spades, and not to mention the garden bed itself. 

DIY aeroponic systems like the Airgarden come with absolutely everything you need to grow included, and best of all there’s no soil which means no heavy lifting or filthy hands!

Minimal ongoing costs

One of the main benefits of aeroponic systems is also the fact it is extremely efficient, both in terms of energy consumption as well as nutrient usage. The average annual cost of running and growing with an Airgarden is just $230.


The beauty of aeroponics is that it makes growing simple. It does this by creating a controlled growing environment, where plants are provided with the precise levels of light, water and nutrients to grow and thrive. This is in stark contrast to soil-based growing, where there are countless variables to get just right to ensure successful growth, and unless you’re a green-thumbed expert this is usually an insurmountable task!

Gardening & Farming In One Tenth Of The Space

In the past, you couldn’t grow produce at home unless you had a large backyard. Now, vertical design paired with aeroponic technology allows you to grow 30 plants in less than one square metre – this is almost 10X more produce than growing in the same amount of space with a horizontal / soil-based garden. So no matter if you have a backyard, courtyard, rooftop or apartment balcony, it’s finally possible. 

Growing & Usage

3X faster growth

Plants grown using aeroponics grow 3 times faster than traditional gardening and farming. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants suspended in midair, leaving the roots exposed so they can soak up nutrients and water in an oxygen-rich environment. Plants spend all their energy on growing leaves and fruit for you to harvest and enjoy.

Minimal maintenance

Gardening takes work, and it can be challenging to dedicate the time necessary to see your garden thrive. But with aeroponics, all you need is sunlight, power, water and 10 minutes a week to look after your vertical garden. You also won’t even need to get your hands dirty as there’s no soil or digging involved.

Better for your health

Fresh produce loses up to 70% of its nutritional content within just 24 hours of harvest, yet most is at least a week old when it hits the supermarket shelves. Growing at home ensures what you eat is 100% natural and packed with nutritional value. You also get to control what gets put into your garden, meaning no harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Environmental Sustainability

Uses 98% less water 

Traditional agriculture and farming uses 50-70% of the water consumed in Australia. This is an increasing problem, especially as droughts become more frequent and place added pressures on the farming industry. Aeroponic systems like the Airgarden are closed-loop systems, and hence use 98% less water than traditional farming practices (check out how it works here).

No more food waste

Did you know that in Australia, half of all food that is produced is wasted? And 20% of all herbs and vegetables bought at the supermarket are thrown in the bin. Growing some of your own reduces your carbon footprint as there’s no food mileage and no food wasted as you simply harvest and eat as you need. 

Growing some of your own reduces your carbon footprint as there’s no food mileage. 

Learn More About Our Airgardens

The Airgarden is Australia’s first 100% Australian owned and made DIY aeroponic vertical gardening system, allowing you to reap the benefits of aeroponics right from your very own home. You can find out more about what you can grow with aeroponics, or get in touch with our team to learn more.

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