Not only does an airgarden look cool and futuristic (yep we think it’s cool & futuristic!!!), you also are doing a lot of good for the environment. Take a look at some of the numbers compared to traditional farming. You’ll be surprised and happy that you are making a real difference - both in the quality of food you are eating and your personal impact on the planet.




Traditional Gardening

Airgarden (ing)


80 litres  = the amount of water used to produce a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers


4 litres = the amount of water used to grow the same salad in your airgarden

4 square metres = Amount of land needed to grow 30 x plants with traditional gardening


1 square metre = amount of space needed to grow 30 x plants

1000 kilometres =  the distance most food travels to get from the farm to your plate


0 kilometres = the distance your food travels when growing in an airgarden

30% = nutrients lost in produce 3 days after harvest

No Loss = 100% of the Nutrients available in food grown in your airgarden



Here’s a couple of other pretty nice benefits as well……


$2.80 per month = electricity required to power your airgarden


15 = the number of minutes it take each week to grow more than enough beautiful greens, fruit and veg in your airgarden!!!