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What to do with your Airgarden when you're away

What to do with your Airgarden when you're away

If you’re heading away on a holiday, firstly - good for you! Secondly, here’s what to do with your Airgarden while you are away.

If you are going away for less than 7 days during summer or 14 days during winter, you can simply ensure the reservoir of your Airgarden is filled with water, your pH levels are balanced, and add nutrients. Your plants will be totally fine for this length of time and you will have sufficient water in your base reservoir. 

If you’re going away for more than this amount of time and don't have anyone who can come and top up your water and check on your plants, then follow the below steps to harvest, empty and store your Airgarden - aka an “Airgarden holiday”.

1. Harvest your plants

You can take out all of your plants and either freeze leafy greens and veggies, or leave some with stems (like kale) in a vase with water

2. Empty your Airgarden

Use the bung to empty all the water out of your Airgarden, and unplug the pump.

3. Clean your Airgarden

This process can also be a good time to disassemble your Airgarden and give it a good clean as per these instructions, before you store it away. 

4. Store your Airgarden

You can either reassemble your Airgarden and cover it with a tarp or plastic sheet and leave it outside, garage or shed. If you’re covering it with a tarp or sheet remember to secure these by running a strap or rope around them.

Or, pack down your Airgarden and place all the growing levels in the base reservoir, and easily store it for your next growing season!

So there you have it, you and your Airgarden have worked hard and deserve a holiday!

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