so the end of the year is fast approaching and if you are lucky, chances are you and your significant others will be heading away to the beach or bush for a well earned holiday!!!

we have had lots of people ask us what to do with their airgarden systems if they are heading away for more than 10 days, so we thought we would compile a “how-to” close down and store your airgarden while you are away.

as mentioned above, if you are only going away for 7-10 days and have relatively small plants in your airgarden, you can simply ensure the reservoir of your airgarden is full with water (just under the cord channel), ph balanced and with nutrients added. your plants will be fine for this length of time. however if you are going away for more than 10 days and dont have anyone who can come and top up your water and check on your plants, then follow the below steps to harvest, empty and store your airgarden - aka an “airgarden holiday”.

  1.  harvest your plants

you can take out all of your plants and either freeze some leafy greens & veggies - see article here or leave some with stems (like kale) in a vase with water. check out this fantastic article from nutrition australia’s “try for 5” website.

  1.  empty your airgarden

take the longer 1m clear hose you were given in your airgarden package and attach to the pump in the reservoir and empty out all the water (see “cleaning your airgarden” section in owners manual). make sure to turnoff or unplug your pump as well.

  1.  clean your airgarden

it can also be a good time to disassemble your airgarden and give it a good clean before storing it away. you can do it one of two ways:

  • 1) refer to “cleaning your airgarden” section of owners manual, see the video airgarden seasonal clean
  • 2) disassemble your airgarden as per the video above, but instead of filling up a large container use a couple of sprayer bottles (with 1 part  bleach/chlorine 4 parts water or if you don’t want to use chlorine - use vinegar at the same ratios please note: do not mix bleach/chlorine with vinegar in the same bottle.
  • 3) spray all components inside and out, let sit for 5-10 minutes and thoroughly rinse with plain water.

  1.  store your airgarden

you can either re-assemble your airgarden and cover with a tarp or plastic sheet and leave outside or store inside the house, garage or shed. if covering with a tarp or sheet remember to secure these by running a strap or rope around them to secure from coming off.

so there you have it, you've worked hard all year and so has your airgarden. don't be afraid to shut it all down and pick up again when the new year kicks into gear. thank you to everyone who has purchased an airgarden from us this year and joined the tribe. we couldn't be more thankful and excited. we wish you and your family a happy & safe christmas and new year, here’s to 2021!!!!