growing food at home isn’t as simple as sticking a seed in the ground. if you’ve ever given your green thumb a workout, you’d know growing fruit and vegetables requires hours of dedication and ample space for your seedlings to grow—that is, until now. thanks to innovative aeroponic technology originally developed by nasa, growing and enjoying sustainable produce has never been easier.


here are 5 benefits of aeroponics so you can grow glorious fruit and veg at home.

plants grow two times faster 


according to nasa, plants grow two times faster without soil, thanks to aeroponic technology, when compared to traditional gardening and farming. aeroponics is the process of growing plants suspended in midair, leaving the roots exposed so they can soak up nutrients and water in an oxygen-rich environment. that way, the plants spend all their energy on growing leaves and fruit for you to harvest and enjoy. and depending on what you’re growing, you can harvest in as little as two weeks.


you don’t need to have a green thumb


gardening takes work. seedlings need love and attention and in between life’s responsibilities, it can be challenging to dedicate the time necessary to see your garden grow. but with aeroponics, all you need is sunlight, power, water and dedicate just 30 minutes a week to look after your vertical garden. the best part? you won’t even need to get your hands dirty as there’s no soil or digging involved.


a vertical garden requires 90 per cent less space


in the past, you couldn’t grow produce at home unless you had a large backyard. now, airgarden’s vertical design paired with aeroponic technology allows you to grow up to 30 plants in less than one square metre, so no matter if you have a backyard, courtyard, rooftop or apartment balcony, it’s finally possible. and if we’re thinking big picture here, airgarden is an absolute game changer for farmers, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.


airgarden uses 98 per cent less water


traditional agriculture uses 50-70 per cent of the water consumed in australia every year. this is an increasing problem, especially as droughts become more frequent and place added pressures on the farming industry. the good news is that aeroponic systems like airgarden use up to 98 per cent less than traditional farming practices thanks to its closed-loop system.

it’s a sustainable solution


going green at home can help you reduce your carbon footprint since there’s no food mileage or storage involved. plus, there’s no food wasted as you simply harvest and eat as you need.  you also get to control what goes on in your garden, meaning no harmful pesticides and chemicals. finally, you can have access to affordable organic food at home.