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What Vegetables Can You Grow on An Airgarden

What Vegetables Can You Grow on An Airgarden

What types of Vegetables will Grow with An Airgarden?

Let's ask our June Winner of our Monthly "Grower of the Month" Competition - Debbie - who's recently purchased an Airgarden is growing her own vegetables like lettuce, eggplants and leafy greens.
We find out from Debbie her tips and tricks to growing her own vegetables and how easy she's found growing her own with her Airgarden at home - from plate to porch - we hope you find this useful and helpful. Thanks Debbie.

When Did you Start Growing your Airgarden?

My brand new Airgarden arrived mid January this year but I didn’t start the process until April (being a little time poor at the time with trips away in my calendar).  I wanted to make sure I really enjoyed setting it all up and watching the initial stages of growth!

Why did you decide to start growing your own with Airgarden?

We had just moved into a new home from acreage to a minimalistic garden with nothing growing, lots of rocks and no soil.  I had been looking into setting up raised garden beds when my daughter put me on to the Airgarden system - she has 2 of her own and convinced me I could do this!  So all thoughts of digging and removing rocks were gone and I had my own personal Airgarden assistant!

 Grow your own vegetables

How would you compare growing with the Airgarden to other forms of gardening e.g. soil?

For me, this has been the perfect solution!  The massive time, effort and maintenance saving has been incredible plus the speed at which I was able to harvest my goodies has me sold!


What are you growing at the moment?

On the go at the moment – tomatoes, egg plant, lettuce, sugar snap peas, runner beans, chives, basil (5 types which make a lovely blend of pesto), nasturtium, water spinach, chillis, celery, strawberries and my pride and joy - rhubarb.

Eggplants frown at home

What do you like most about the Airgarden?

It’s such a compact unit but able to grow so many varieties of vegetables, not having to worry about watering and so easy to maintain.  I’ve just spent 3 weeks in UK and then another 2 weeks in Thailand – the Airgarden never missed a beat – so good to come home with veggies and salads ready to harvest

What would be your biggest piece of advice to other growers?

I found it’s definitely best to stick to what’s seasonal for where you live.  I also found that the positioning of the Airgarden in my garden played a part in the growth success (ie direct sun/shade, wind and rain).  The information provided along the way by Airgarden with their emails has helped to keep me on the straight and narrow!

Thanks so much for this insight Debbie - looks like you're having so much success growing your own vegetables like lettuce, rhubarb, tomatoes, chives and even beans! Great work! Thanks for sharing your photos and your Airgarden journey!!!

To see the full list of to learn which vegetables to grow in your Airgarden - look at our list and take the quiz HERE

If you want to start growing your own lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, kale, leafy greens or herbs, then the Airgarden is the easiest way to grow your own vegetables at home in any small space or garden.
You can buy your own Airgarden by clicking HERE

If you already own an Airgarden - we're calling out for our July “Grower of the Month” competition – please send in your photos or videos to us at with your name and email address to enter the draw to receive a $100 gift card.

Good luck Tribe!!!

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