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The truth about supermarket veggies

By :tom bauer
The truth about supermarket veggies

According to a University of California study, spinach can lose 90% of its vitamin c content within 24 hours of harvest, and 50% of its folate and carotenoids within a week.

By the time you buy fruit and veg from the supermarket, most are at least a week old. Every hour that passes after harvesting, their nutritional value decreases rapidly – vegetables lose up to 77% of their vitamin c within a week of harvest if they are kept refrigerated.

A Penn State study also found that b-vitamins are lost at similar rates. Spinach kept at 3 degrees (AU standard for fridges) loses about half of its folate in 8 days. 

These studies suggest that the best way to maximise the nutritional value of your food is to grow your own. 

If you are spending $15 per week on fruit and veg that has lost HALF of its nutritional value by the time you buy it, you can afford an Airgarden. More importantly than saving you money, you will be eating more nutritionally dense food and eliminating food wastage.

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