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Growing young minds with Airgarden

Growing young minds with Airgarden

The Airgarden Innovation For Schools

This week our Cofounder and Airgarden CEO Prue Bauer had the opportunity to speak at the #ICIQLD23 conference on the Gold Coast at St John's Lutheran College on the Gold Coast thanks to organisers Future Anything Nicole Dyson and Vanessa Noonan.
It was a wonderful opportunity for Prue to speak about the innovation of Airgarden which brings the benefits of growing your own vegetables in any sized garden, for any person, at any time. 

Events like this are also an opportunity to continue the conversation and share stories about all the positive things being done in schools around innovation, entrepreneurship and design thinking. There is a noticeable uptick in the overall enthusiasm for educators to embrace new ways of presenting real-world challenges of the future to their students. The key is to engage young minds, unlock their potential and stretch their capabilities simultaneously. This includes the discussion of food waste, sustainable living, educating on the innovation of aeroponics and growing your own food to minimise the consumption of pesticides.

Future Farming and Sustainability

Recently we had a group of school students contact us as they completed a piece assessment around finding viable ways of living on Mars. Through their internet research on future farming, future food and sustainable methods of soil-less farming that uses very little water, they found us here at Airgarden.

What can we grow here?

This is precisely why we do what we do in our Airgarden team.

We are designing for the future and living in the now.
Not only do we need to think differently, but we also need to DO differently.

Why Airgarden for Educators?

Airgarden does not use soil. We use very little water and air, and yes, we can grow vegetables with artificial light; we don't even need the sun.

Nothing is better than showcasing what is possible when challenging the status quo. Working with educators is extremely rewarding as they always look for alternative methods to challenge their students to find new ways of moving through ordinary, everyday problems.

Airgarden is sustainable, future-focused, and loved by over 2000 passionate air gardeners who love the Aeroponic technology. Airgarden also allows our growers to grow nutrient-rich, vitamin-dense, organic, toxic-free fruit, herbs and vegetables in small gardens and spaces in their homes.

Watch this video for more! 

Working with our next generation of citizens and leaders is essential as they will be tasked with innovating and solving tomorrow's issues, and this could be something as simple as growing your own vegetables without soil or sunlight.

Designing for the Future

Our "Airgarden For Schools"
Program which can be embedded into STEM and Design subjects, is a great way to showcase what is possible when we encourage young people to think differently about the future of food, the planet, our environment and what will be needed today and beyond to both survive and thrive. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share our journey and the Airgarden with everyone at #ICIQLD23
As always, the best part of these events is the opportunity to make new connections and build upon existing ones. It was a privilege to share the stage with Nicole Dyson Yas Grigaliunas  Peta Ellis and Catherine Ball ( on different days)

You can find some other great articles and summaries of the event found over at our LinkedinEdu community by Wes Warner

Or you can simply shop The Airgarden here and start your own sustainable journey.

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