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Grow Plants and Minds with the Airgarden

Grow Plants and Minds with the Airgarden

Airgarden Cofounder speaking at  Innovation in Creative Industries Conference

We are excited to announce that one of our founders and CEO Prue Bauer will speak at the upcoming Innovation in Creative Industries (ICI) Conference, which is held in collaboration with Lutheran Education Queensland, St Andrews Lutheran College, and Future Anything.  Prue will be discussing the topic of Growing Plants and Minds with the Airgarden, and how innovation in developing this aeroponics garden is benefiting so many communities including the education sector.

The two-day conference is designed for primary and secondary education leaders and tertiary providers, offering 2 keynote presentations, two 'industries colliding' panels and 12 workshops.

Sustainable Design Innovation

Prue Bauer will be speaking on the Day 1 Panel to discuss all things "Sustainable Design Innovations" from 2:15 pm -3 pm.

It will be an opportunity to discuss and share the Airgarden journey, how we got here, the WHY that drives us forward every day and, best of all, our big hairy audacious goal of distributing 10,000 Airgardens into the world in the next 12 months. HUGE!

The best part about this conference is that Education providers and Educators have an opportunity to play a huge role in developing new ways to think about producing our food at home, in schools and within our communities. 

Airgarden has established our own  STEM curriculum-aligned program that hundreds of schools are already using throughout the Department of Education in NSW, and we can't wait to share the success stories of the impact this is having.

Reduce food waste with Airgarden
Airgarden for Education Providers

Education plays a huge role in the transformation journey, and conferences like this help us to share some fundamental problems that need solving. 

Our future generations will be responsible for tackling: 

And if we have only just kicked the ball down the hill  by showing what is possible with a bit of innovative thinking, determination, grit and resilience, then we are on the right path!

The ICI (Conference) is designed to build capacity in curriculum design, approaches to the cross-pollination of curriculum, and industry-standard opportunities in the areas of the Creative Industries, including Social Enterprise, The Arts, STEAM, Design, Media, Robotics, AR, Drones, and more.

Innovation Conference

 Other speakers at the conference include: 

Peta Ellis Yas Grigaliunas Nicole Dyson Vanessa Noonan Catherine Ball Advance Queensland Brisbane Economic Development Agency Wayne Gerardn Bronwyn Voyce Doug Braiden Julie Parker Peter Kellett Amy Hollingsworth Laura Bain Jodie Hyde Leon Fitzpatrick Evolve Group Catherine Newington Candace Neville

If you are interested in coming along, the ticket link is below.

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