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Help the Planet by Growing Your Own Food in Australia

Help the Planet by Growing Your Own Food in Australia

The world is facing a food shortage problem that is expected to affect up to 60% of the world’s population in the next 2 years. People are also experiencing first-hand increasing effects of climate change. With these impending crises, it is now more important than ever to seek alternative ways to source and produce food, which is why growing your own food is a great way to help the planet. 

An Aeroponic System Reduces Food Mileage

An average basket of Australian fruit and veg has travelled approximately 20,000km to reach you. By growing your own produce at home, you eliminate these food miles and can save a significant amount of fuel, hence reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

Reduce Food Waste

It is estimated that 1/3 of all the food produced in the world, goes to waste. In Australia, an average of 20% of the fresh produce we buy at the supermarket gets thrown in the bin. With a worsening food shortage, this needs to change. One way of doing so is by growing your own food in a hydroponic garden. This allows you to pick your own produce when you need it, and not waste any.

Lower Water Use

A conventional farm requires an estimated 80 litres of water to grow enough produce for a simple garden salad. Alternatively, a hydroponic tower requires only 5 litres! This is due to the 'closed-loop' method of growing in a hydroponic system, whereby there is no water evaporation or runoff. Saving water means protecting the planet.

Reduce Your Land Footprint

Something humans need to consider moving forward, is how much land there will be available to grow fruit and vegetables. By growing in a hydroponic garden, you can grow 10X as many plants in the same space as conventional soil growing.

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