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Growing with Airgarden in Different Australian Climates

Growing with Airgarden in Different Australian Climates

Growing fruits, plants and vegetables in different climates requires two things: significant research into which plants grow best in certain conditions, and ensuring your plants are getting the requisite nutrients and water. In this article, we discuss how to grow with our Airgarden system in different regions of the country.Β 

For a full and personalised growing plan based on your location you can take our growing quiz, or checkout our seasonal guides.

Growing in Subtropical Climates

The subtropical regions of Australia refer to the lower western, central eastern and southern coasts of the country, with hot summers and mild winters. Growing hydroponics systems is extremely easy in these regions, as your plants are exposed to a lot of sun and the temperatures are relatively consistent throughout the year.

Growing with Aeroponics Systems in Tropical Regions

The Tropical Regions of Australia refer to the upper northern regions, such as Darwin and Broome in WA. These regions are known for their hot climates, with humid and wet monsoon seasons. With a hydroponics garden kit, you can get fantastic yield from a variety of plants all year round.

Growing in Desert/Arid Regions

Arid Regions refer to the central areas of Australia, which receive very little annual rainfall. Temperatures soar to well over 40 degrees in the summer. It can be difficult to grow in this heat. If, however, you make sure your plants are not exposed to too much sun, and remember to water them sufficiently, you can still get some great home-grown produce.

Growing With Aeroponics Systems in Temperate Climates

Temperate Climates refer to the coastal regions of the southwestern and south-eastern corners of the country. Experiencing a distinct four seasons this area can grow a variety of produce all year round.

Growing in Cool Climates

Mostly referring to Tasmania and the hill regions of NSW and Victoria, Cool Climates experience four seasons, yet receive a lot of rainfall and significantly colder winters. Finding the 4+ hours of direct sunlight needed for your hydroponics systems can prove difficult, especially during the winter months. You can, however, grow produce that requires less sunlight in these times such as herbs, lettuces and leafy greens.Β 

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