the issue of food waste in australia is something we all should be aware of. i always thought that the majority of food waste came from big supermarkets (either throwing away fruit and vegetables that simply weren’t sold & passed their use-by date) and restaurant kitchens throwing away out-of-date ingredients and uneaten meals.


due to us as consumers wanting “perfect” looking food, perfectly edible fresh produce is often turned away from supermarket shelves because it does not meet the optimal criteria for consumers; such as shape, size and colour.


but, it turns out that 75% of all food that is sent to landfill comes from our households.  yep that's right, from you and me! check out this amazing infographic from foodwise australia, the numbers are simply mind boggling!!






as important as the environmental and economic impact, is the issue of food insecurity in australia. it is simply unacceptable that many of our fellow australians struggle to have access to affordable food. there is more than enough food produced every year to eliminate this issue.


below are some eye-watering facts from the amazing people at foodbank australia.





we believe that as australians, we need to fundamentally change the way we feed ourselves and help others whom are in desperate need of food. It is one of the reasons we created airgarden and why we are passionate about enabling everyone to reduce their food waste, eat fresher & healthier food, save money and help the environment.


we know that we throw away over $1000 of food every year, an airgarden costs $300 less than this and will grow you $1200-1400 worth of food each and every year.  


and trust us, there will be plenty to give away to family, friends and people who might need a helping hand. as an added bonus, you can say goodbye to throwing away unused fruit and veg too!!! let's change the way we grow, eat and consume. let airgarden be your first step in conquering your battle with food waste.