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🌱 "February Planting Guide: Perfect Picks for Growing Fruit & Vegetables in Your Airgarden by Australian Climate Zones!" 🌱


Hello, fabulous gardeners of Australia! As February unfolds with its unique blend of sunny days and breezy evenings, it's time to give your vertical home Airgarden a touch of love. No matter if you're enjoying the cool breezes of Tasmania or basking in the tropical warmth of Queensland, we've got the perfect plant picks for each of Australia's distinct climate zones. Let’s get your Airgarden buzzing with life this February!

1. Cool Temperate (Tasmania, cool highlands): In the cool temperate zones, February is a gentle blend of summer warmth and the oncoming crisp autumn air. Plants that enjoy a cooler, more stable climate will find this zone a paradise.

  • Leafy Greens: Spinach and kale will thrive in the stable temperatures, perfect for nutritious smoothies and salads.
  • Herbs: Parsley and coriander will add a burst of flavor to your dishes, enjoying the milder daytime temperatures.
  • Broccoli: Start these now to enjoy their harvest in the cooler months to come.

2. Temperate (Most of Victoria, Southern NSW, SA): The temperate zone enjoys a true summer feel in February, with warm days and mildly cool nights, ideal for a variety of garden favorites.

  • Lettuces: A range of lettuces can enjoy the summer sun, giving you the freshest base for your salads.
  • Herbs: Basil and chives love the warmth of this zone and will provide fresh flavors for your cooking.
  • Strawberries: Get ready for some sweet treats by starting strawberries in your Airgarden.

3. Sub-Tropical (Coastal NSW, QLD, and Northern SA): With warm, humid days and mild nights, the sub-tropical zone is a haven for plants that love moisture and warmth.

  • Cherry Tomatoes: Thrive in the warmth and humidity, perfect for your salads and sandwiches.
  • Cucumbers: Crisp and refreshing, cucumbers will love the sub-tropical climate, providing cool, crunchy treats.
  • Beans: Fast-growing and productive, beans will make the most of the warm February days.

4. Tropical (Northern QLD, NT, WA): In the tropical zone, February is a mix of hot days and occasional rainfall, creating a lush, vibrant garden atmosphere.

  • Chilies: Love the heat and will spice up your meals.
  • Cucumbers: Crisp and refreshing, cucumbers will love the sub-tropical climate, providing cool, crunchy treats.
  • Basil: With its love for warmth, basil will ensure you have fresh herbs for your tropical dishes.

5. Arid (Central and outback areas):

Β The arid zone presents a unique gardening challenge with its hot, dry climate, but certain resilient plants can flourish even here, especially in the nurturing environment of your Airgarden.

  • Capsicum: These colourful veggies love the sun and can tolerate the heat, adding a sweet or spicy crunch to your dishes.
  • Chilli: A robust choice that thrives in warmer climates, perfect for adding a kick to your culinary creations.
  • Garlic Chives: Hardy and drought-resistant, these will add a mild garlic flavor to your meals, thriving in the arid climate.

Conclusion: February is a month full of vibrant gardening opportunities, no matter where you find yourself in Australia. Choosing plants that are well-suited to your climate zone will ensure that your Airgarden doesn’t just survive, but truly thrives. Remember to monitor the essentials – water, nutrients, and a bit of love – and your vertical garden will become a showcase of life and flavour. Here’s to a fruitful February in your Airgarden. Happy planting, everyone! 🌿✨

We have included a table below with even more great suggestions for you by Climate Zone πŸ₯—

Amaranth Y Y Y
Basil Y Y Y Y Y
Beans Y Y Y Y Y
Bitter Melon - Long Y
Bulls Blood Y Y Y Y
Brocolli & Brocollini Y Y Y Y
Brussel Sprouts Y Y Y Y
Bok Choy Y Y
Cabbage Y Y Y Y
Candula Flowers Y Y
Capsicum Y Y Y
Cat Nip Y Y
Califlowers Y Y Y Y
Chervil Y Y
Chilli Y Y Y
Chives Y Y Y
Celery Y
Chives Y Y Y
Climbing Beans Y Y
Cress Y Y Y Y Y
Cucumbers - All Y Y Y Y
Dianthus Flowers Y
Dill Y
Dwarf Beans Y Y Y
Eggplants - All Y Y Y
Endive Y Y
Garlic Cress Y Y Y
Garlic Chives Y Y Y Y Y
Italian Parsley Y Y
Jalapeno Y Y Y
Kale Y Y
Kolharbi Y Y
Lettuce - all types Y Y Y
Marigold Y Y
Mizuna Y Y
Mustard Greens Y Y Y Y Y
Nasturtium Flowers Y Y Y Y
Okra Y Y
Pak Choi Y Y
Pansy Flowers Y Y Y Y
Parsley Curly Y
Pumpkin Y Y Y
Rhubarb Y
Rocket Y Y
Peas Y Y
Spinach - All Y Y Y
Squash Y Y Y
Snowpeas Y Y
Tomato Y Y
Viola Flower Y Y Y Y
Watercress Y Y
Watermelon Y
Zucchini Y Y Y

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