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Step 1: Growing seedlings

Grow your own seedlings using the kit included with your Airgarden, or buy seedlings from us - delivered to your door ready to plant.

Step 2: Assembling your Airgarden

The Airgarden takes just 15 minutes to set up, with no tools or heavy lifting required. Everything you need to grow comes included.

Step 3: Weekly care

Taking care of your plants takes just 5-10 minutes per week – absolutely no green thumb required!

Step 4: Harvesting!

Plants grow so quickly in the Airgarden that you'll be harvesting your first crops in as little as 3 weeks!

Where Quality Meets Quirk in Your Homegrown Culinary Adventure!

Grow Local, Glow Global

At Airgarden, we're not just about growing fresh produce; we're on a mission to turn your home into a stage for a local culinary masterpiece. Get ready to embark on a journey of delicious eccentricity, where quality reigns, and your taste buds become the ultimate judge.

The Local Flair for Quality

Why Quality? Because Why Settle for Basic?

  • Locally Legendary Flavors: Say goodbye to bland and hello to a culinary dance of local flavors that'll make your taste buds twirl with delight.
  • Homegrown Swagger: Elevate your meals with ingredients so fresh, they practically introduce themselves. "Hello, I'm your locally grown superstar!"

The GYO (Grow Your Own) Extravaganza

Growing Your Own (GYO): Where Green Thumbs Meet Rebel Roots

  • Rebel Gardening 101: Join the rebellion against tasteless produce! Growing your own quality bites is not just a hobby; it's a revolutionary act of culinary rebellion.
  • Aeroponic Awesomeness: Forget soil; we grow with just air and water! Airgarden turns your home into a culinary spaceship, where plants float, and flavors skyrocket. If it's good enough for NASA astronauts, it's super epic for you!

GYO in Australia: The Down-Under Revolution

Australians Going Green (Thumbs, That Is):

  • Word on the street is that 52% of Australians are itching to keep their hands clean (no soil) and grow their own deliciousness. It's not just a trend; it's a taste revolution!
  • GYO in Australian households continues to rise, proving that Australians are serious about having a love affair with their quality produce.

Airgarden: Your VIP Pass to GYO Awesomeness

Why Airgarden? Because "Awesome" Is an Understatement.

  • All-Access to Quality: Airgarden is your backstage pass to year-round, top-tier produce. Your home, your rules, our garden—no soil, just aeroponic awesomeness!
  • No Green Thumb Required: Our high-tech gardening wizardry makes growing your own a breeze. You don't need a green thumb; you need a thumbprint to unlock flavor!

Join the GYO Revolution - It's Quality, Quirky, and a Little Bit Cheeky

Ready to spice up your home and join the culinary revolution? Airgarden is where quality meets quirk, and growing your own becomes the most delicious rebellion. Grab your aeroponic wand, and let's make your home the hottest spot in town!

Unsure what to grow?

You can grow 150 different herbs 🌿, fruits 🍅, vegetables 🍆 & edible flowers 🌻 in the Airgarden.

Made in Australia from UV-stabilised, BPA free, food-grade plastic

Purpose-built to last in Australian conditions with a lifetime warranty.

Made in Australia from UV-stabilised, BPA free, food-grade plastic

Purpose-built for Australian conditions with a lifetime warranty.