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5 Quick-Growing Autumn Veggies to Elevate Your Airgarden This Season πŸ₯—πŸπŸ₯—

5 Quick-Growing Autumn Veggies to Elevate Your Airgarden This Season πŸ₯—πŸπŸ₯—

As the leaves start turning and the air gets a crisp chill, it's time to say goodbye to the scorching summer and hello to the marvellous season of Autumn. And what better way to celebrate than by turning your Airgarden into a verdant paradise of quick-growing, leafy greens? Here's the lowdown on the top 5 greens that are about to make your Airgarden the talk of the town (or at least your kitchen) this Autumn.

  1. The Spicy Rocketeer
    Ah, Rocket, the peppery powerhouse that tends to throw a bit of a tantrum in the summer heat, attracting all sorts of unwanted garden gatecrashers like aphids, cabbage moths, and butterflies. But as the cooler climate rolls in, Rocket transforms into the ultimate flavour bomb. It’s like it knows it’s time to shine, offering up leaves that are even more peppery, more prolific, and far less bothered by pesky pests. Your salads are about to get a spicy upgrade.

2. Pak Choi: The Speedy Green
Pak Choi, the stir-fry champion, is like the middle child of the leafy green family, blending the mild manners of cabbage with the zesty spirit of spinach. Young and tender, it's a crunchy addition to salads, but give it a little heat and it’ll show you its true colors. In your Airgarden, Pak Choi is off to the races, sprinting to harvest in just 2 weeks. Ready, set, grow!
  1. Kale: The Cool Crusader
    Kale, the darling of the superfood world, really comes into its own when the mercury drops. Forget the summer fling; autumn is where true love blossoms for Kale in your Airgarden. Less pestering from bugs means more leafy goodness for you. And with Kale sticking around for months, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with the store-bought kind. It’s time to make your smoothies and salads superhero-worthy.Β 

  2. Lettuce: The Cool Head
    Lettuce rejoice as the cool weather means our leafy friends like Cos, Butter-crunch, and Loose leaf can finally breathe a sigh of relief. No more wilting under the harsh sun or tasting like disappointment. Autumn brings out the best in them, ensuring your salads stay crisp, fresh, and flavourful longer. Lettuce turn over a new leaf this season!Β 

  3. Spinach: The Ironclad Warrior
    And last but certainly not least, Spinach, the green that made Popeye the envy of the neighbourhood. This leafy hero thrives in the chill, packing a punch with iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C. With a penchant for the cool, Spinach is ready to flex its muscles in your Airgarden, promising months of harvest from the outside in. And let’s not forget our local heroes, the perpetual and Aussie Warrigal greens, because who doesn’t love a homegrown champion?

So, there you have it, folks. As the season changes, it’s time to get your Airgarden prepped and ready for these Autumn all-stars. Your kitchen will never be the same again!

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