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10 Surprisingly Cool Crops You Didn’t Know You Could Grow With Airgarden This Autumn

10 Surprisingly Cool Crops You Didn’t Know You Could Grow With Airgarden This Autumn

Who said aeroponic gardens were just for lettuce and herbs? Not us! This autumn, your Airgarden is about to get a whole lot funkier. From buzzing flowers to mini veggie wonders, here are ten crops that’ll make your garden the envy of even those traditional soil-tilling gardeners.

1. Wasabi Arugula: The Spicy Green Incognito
Why grow plain old arugula when you can have one that bites back? Wasabi arugula gives you the peppery punch of wasabi without the need for a sushi chef. Add a spicy kick to your autumn salads right from your Airgarden.

2. Cucamelons: The Tiny Watermelon Imposters
They might look like watermelons that hit the shrink ray, but these crunchy little guys taste like cucumbers with a hint of sour. Perfect for snacking or pickling, cucamelons will make your Airgarden both adorable and delicious.

3. Bok Choy: The Speedy Green
In the world of aeroponics, bok choy is a superstar for its fast growth and versatility in dishes. Stir-fry, steam, or sauté, this leafy green is ready to bulk up your autumn meals with minimal wait time.

4. Kaleidoscope Swiss Chard: The Psychedelic Leaf
With leaves that look like they’ve been dipped in neon paint, kaleidoscope Swiss chard brings a splash of color to your autumn garden. Not only is it a visual treat, but it’s also packed with nutrients. Talk about a feast for the eyes and the body!

5. Purple Basil: The Gothic Herb
Why settle for regular basil when you can go dark with purple basil? It’s everything you love about the herb but with a moody, Instagram-worthy twist. Plus, it’ll add a pop of colour and a peppery, clove-like flavour to your dishes.

6. Rainbow Radishes: The Underground Rainbow
Okay, they don’t grow underground in your Airgarden, but rainbow radishes don’t need to! These vibrant little spheres grow quickly and add a peppery punch and a burst of colour to any meal.

7. Nasturtiums: The Spicy Edible Flowers
With their bright blooms, nasturtiums are not just pretty to look at. They pack a peppery flavour that’s perfect for jazzing up salads. And since they’re edible from flower to leaf, they’re the all-in-one decoration and condiment for your autumn dishes.

 8. Lemon Balm: The Zesty Herb
Bring a hint of lemon to your teas, salads, and desserts with lemon balm. It’s like growing your very own sunshine, perfect for those cooler autumn days when you need a little zest in your life.

9. Micro Greens: The Tiny Powerhouses
Why wait for full-sized veggies when you can have all the nutrition and flavour packed into these tiny greens? From radish to broccoli micro greens, you can grow a variety of these little wonders in your Airgarden, perfect for garnishing or making a micro salad.

10. Sorrel: The Lemonade Leaf
This herb might not look like much, but chew on a leaf, and you’ll swear you just had a sip of lemonade. Sorrel is a unique addition to your autumn garden, offering a tart, citrusy flavour to salads, soups, and sauces.

So, there you have it – ten surprising, delightful, and absolutely aeroponic-friendly crops to grow in your Airgarden this autumn. Who knew air could yield such a diverse bounty? Get ready to spice up your salads, dazzle your dishes, and perhaps most importantly, grow the coolest garden in the air! Happy planting, Airgardeners!

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