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Summer superfoods

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to our nursery shutting down over Christmas, seedling orders are now on backorder until 4th January 2022. To place an order please email

Whether you’re stepping outside for lunch or tossing up a crisp side dish, these seedlings have all the makings of a fresh, living salad bar.

Please note:

  • As we grow to order, seedlings are delivered 3 weeks after purchasing
  • Ready-to-plant seedlings are currently only available in NSW, VIC and QLD
  • As COVID-19 is currently causing major delays to our courier services, we are only able to deliver seedlings to metro areas (less than 100km from the CBD)

Mix includes:

  • 2 x bok choi
  • 2 x celery
  • 2 x cucumber
  • 3 x cos lettuce
  • 2 x flat leaf parsley
  • 3 x rocket
  • 2 x silverbeet
  • 2 x rainbow chard
  • 3 x spinach
  • 3 x watercress
  • 3 x wheat grass
  • 3 x zucchini

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