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Airgarden Gift Card


Help turn every thumb in Australia green this Christmas by gifting every legend you know an Airgarden gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain redemption instructions.



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A dolly is a key accessory for your Airgarden.

  • A dolly keeps your Airgarden off the ground, which helps maintain a consistent water temperature in your base reservoir.

  • A dolly also means you can easily move your Airgarden, which ensures you are able to give every plant equal amounts of sunlight throughout the week.

    If you'd prefer not to buy our custom-fitted dolly, you can buy a dolly from elsewhere (e.g Bunnings) that will work just as well, provided it's bigger than the base (60cm), holds a minimum weight of 75kg, and can withstand weather conditions 😀
    Our dollies are powder coated with durable caster wheels.

    The Airgarden dolly can hold up to 300kg (when filled with water, the Airgarden weighs approximately 75kg).
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