general product information

the word aeroponics is derived from two latin words meaning aero (air) and ponic (work), air at work.

in other words, the whole plant, roots and all, are suspended in mid air. simply put the roots are not covered, not buried, not submerged in any form of liquid or matter, they sit openly in air.

aeroponics is the fastest way to grow plants than any other growing method.

by providing plants with dissolved nutrients in water and an oxygen rich environment, plants focus all their energy on growing leaves and developing fruit.

airgarden is made from UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic.

our plastic is a completely opaque white colour keeping out light, preventing bacteria & algae growth. it also regulates the temperature which keeps your plants healthier and gives your airgarden a longer life so you’ll enjoy growing your own food for years to come.

our liquid 2-part nutrient solution is custom made to provide all the varieties of plants you grow in the air garden with everything they need from seed germination through to vegetative growth & fruiting, all the way to harvest. it is specially formulated to be super simple, added in equal amounts with nothing else needed. it is also highly concentrated, providing superior value for money.

unlike traditional soil based growing, our liquid nutrient is a shortcut, so the plants you grow in the airgarden can focus all their energy on growing and producing fruit. there are 100's of plants which you can chose to grow that will all benefit from our airgarden 2-part nutrient solution

growing in the airgarden

The airgarden has 30 growing spots in a single unit

The airgarden family has either 60 (2 x airgardens) or 90 ( 3 x airgardens) growing spots

the beauty of the airgarden system is that it can be used virtually anywhere, however there are a few things to consider when deciding where to set it up:


  • fruiting plants—like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash need as much sunlight as possible (8hrs day).
  • greens, herbs and other vegetable crops tolerate lower light levels.
  • growing indoors? Is possible & we will be introducing lighting specifically designed for this in the next 6 months
  • for super hot climates like we experience in Australia during summer your airgarden make appreciate a bit of shade during the peak heat in the middle of the day. Nothing a beach umbrella can’t fix.


  • airgarden uses water & liquid nutrients to grow plants so you will need to have good clean water available.
  • water straight from the tap in Australia is fine to avoid damaging plants
  • never use heavily chlorinated water, very hard water or softened water


  • the water in the airgarden is dispersed through the system via a 40 watt pump which sits in the base you will need access to electricity power the pump
  • the airgarden also comes with a timer which needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to automated water pumping through the system
  • the airgarden uses only 13c per day of electricity, $11.81 per quarter, $47.23 per year (based on .26c per kwh)
  • always use a waterproof connection when using outdoor extension cords


  • Australia nationally experiences a range of different climates through the calendar year.
  • regardless of your location the goal is to keep the internal temperature of your airgarden between 18–26C
  • should your conditions become too extreme, indoor growing is an option.

additional things to consider

  • The airgarden needs to be on a flat surface to ensure all plants are watered equally

Virtually anything you could grow in a regular garden - most herbs, leafy vegetables, and even strawberries, edible flowers can also be grown. avoid root crops, bushes, and trees these are not suitable for airgaden

airgarden 2-part nutrient is vital to ensuring your plants grow well in the airgarden system. it is the most effective we have found & has been specifically developed for achieving the best results.

there are a few factors involved in getting you plants to grow, namely sunlight, temperature, and nutrient-water. when all three are working in harmony, you can have leafy plants like kale, lettuce and rocket ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks. fruiting plants take generally longer, becasue (as you guessed) they are growing fruit/vegetables which take more sunlight, time, nutrients and water to reach maturity. however, some vegetable plants like cucumbers & smaller tomato varieties can be ready for harvest in 7 weeks.

during the winter months when its cooler, plants can take 8 – 10 weeks to fully mature. Adding supplemental lighting will increase plant growth when sunlight is limited.

most of the airgarden comes pre assembled for you so when you take it out of the box you only need to plant your seeds, connect the pump & set up the timer. it takes no longer than 30 minutes.

your airgarden comes with a user manual (info on setup, seed growing, operating, troubleshooting & maintenance) which includes everything you need to know to setup, grow and maintain your airgarden. no previous gardening experience is required!!