what is airgarden?

at airgarden, we want to make it easy to grow your own food at home.

airgarden is a vertical, aeroponic garden that allows you to grow up to 30 plants in a less than 1 square metre, either inside or outside — 2x faster than regular gardening, using 95% less space and water.

it doesn't matter whether you have a small or large backyard, courtyard or apartment balcony; as long as you have sunshine or a source of light, you can become an urban gardener.

best of all, you don't need a green thumb. there’s no soil, no digging, no weeding, no constant watering and no need to use harmful pesticides. it's super simple, automated, efficient, easy and fun. just five minutes a day, and you’ll be enjoying your own home-grown produce.

you can grow 150+ different herbs, fruits, leafy greens and vegetables — probably more than you can find at your local fruit and veg shop or supermarket — and better yet, you can grow many unique and heirloom varieties you simply can't find anywhere else.

we’re proudly Australian owned and operated, manufacturing our airgardens in Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland. 

where did the idea come from?

like many people, we experienced varying levels of success when it came to growing fruit and vegetables at home. with small children, existing business commitments and juggling life’s responsibilities—time was not on our side.

so, we set out to find an easy, simple and sustainable way to grow our own food at home and stumbled upon aeroponics technology. originally developed by NASA in the 90s as a means of providing nutrient-dense food for astronauts in space, we discovered the technology had seen amazing breakthroughs in sustainably producing food in both America and Europe, but it hadn’t yet reached Australian shores.

fast forward to 2020, after almost three years designing, testing and tweaking the aeroponic technology—with the help of our incredible manufacturers at the Evolve Group—we were ready to share airgarden with you.

there has never been a more important time to live sustainably. whether you have a balcony, a courtyard, a yard, a rooftop or a whole paddock; airgarden makes it easy.

we are so excited to be able to share airgarden with you and we look forward to you joining our tribe.

Prue & Tom