if you haven't had a chance to tune into Sir David Attenborough’s newest documentary now screening on netflix, lock it in for this weekend. “a life on our planet”, is a harrowing yet hopeful story about the profound impact we have had on our planet.


the documentary tells the story of us (as humans) from Sir Davids birth until present day, to highlight how we have become the most dominant & intelligent of all species - and the oversight we have made trying to mould and exploit nature for our gain - that of finite balance.


there is a great section that talks about the impact we have on the environment just to try and feed ourselves.


the great news is there is a way to feed ourselves using half of the land that we currently dedicate to farming.


the clip below shows how the Netherlands are using a mix of vertical, hydroponic & aeroponic farming to become the second largest food exporter on the planet in one of the smallest and most densely populated countries on earth.





they have done all of this using less water, less fertiliser, less carbon and produce 10x the yields.


sound familiar???? airgarden does exactly the same thing, but best of all……..it can be you doing it at home!