there are many kinds of tomato plants out there - grosse lisse, tiny tom, roma, honeybee, beefsteak & the list goes on…..and on. all of these varieties vary by size, shape, colour and taste. they also vary by the way they grow, tomatoes are either classed as determinate or indeterminate varieties.



indeterminate varieties:


as the name suggests, these types of tomato plants will grow all season long and produce flowers and fruit over that course of time. left to their own devices, indeterminate tomatoes will grow wildly. clearly, this isn't ideal. pruning is done by removing the young side stems, known as suckers, which sprout from the joints of the main stem and the fruit-bearing branches. this concentrates growth where it's most important for plant strength and fruit yield, in theory producing larger, healthier tomatoes. see below:




the good news is that if you are time poor and would like something more suited to an airgarden, then choosing a determinate variety is the way to go.




determinate varieties:


this includes varieties such as - roma, patio, honeybee, siberian, tiny tim and yellow grosse lisse.


determinate varieties of tomatoes are usually a shorter bush type that blooms over a shorter time frame. they produce flowers and fruit at the same time. after the tomatoes on these plants ripen they die shortly after.


although determinate tomatoes only produce one run of fruit, they are very low-maintenance and suit the airgarden to a tee. 4 or more determinate varieties on one airgarden will produce an abundance of beautiful tomatoes for you, your family and friends. you wont taste anything fresher than tomatoes you grow yourself and pick the day you eat them. get growing tribe!!