It is no surprise to any of you reading this, that the most expensive and frustrating thing to buy from the supermarket or the local fruit and veg shop is herbs. They are eye-wateringly expensive, don’t last very long and the quality can be a little dodgy.


Whether you already own an airgarden (we love you) or are going to buy an airgarden really soon (we love you) or simply have a spot for a few herb pots (we love you too!),we thought we’d share our 3 favourite herbs we grow in our airgarden, that not only save us money, but are so fresh we promise you will never want to buy store bought herbs again.



    Basil is one of the most popular herbs and can be added to everything like salads, pizzas, pastas, Thai dishes, even to make your own pesto!!


    The great news is basil grows super fast in an Airgarden. You can keep harvesting it, it will last for 6-12 months & you can save a lot of money instead of buying it from the supermarket. Better yet, its flavour is way better when you pick it just before adding it to your food.  





    There are over 40 different types of basil available, however there are 4 main types we grow with in Oz. They are:


    Sweet Genovese Basil - an aromatic variety with large green leaves, is great for pesto, to garnish pizzas and salads & has a strong flavour.


    Thai Basil - a tropical variety of sweet basil and has purple stems, small, narrow, spear-like green leaves and a distinctive aniseed smell.


    Lemon Basil - as you may have guessed it has a lemon flavour and smell. Its great for adding to desserts, drinks and stir fry's.


    Bush Basil - Our indigenous Aussies have used this for medicinal and ceremonial purposes for thousands of years. European settlers nicknamed it "five spice plant" because it tastes like a mix of basil, mint and sage. It has smaller leaves and a milder flavour than Sweet Genovese.



      People either love or hate Coriander, and at $5 per bunch you’d want to love it! Your genes will determine whether coriander has a beautiful lemony, citrus taste or feels like you are eating a cake of soap.


      Coriander is a fantastic herb to grow in the Airgarden, a slow bolting variety can last up to 6 months if taken care of and harvested correctly.


      A good slow bolting variety of Coriander will grow quite well and as long as you can avoid massive temperature changes, either hot to cold or cold to hot, it won't bolt and go to seed.


      PS:- Coriander grows super quickly in the Airgarden.




        Mint is great! It is a tough and hardy herb, which we all know has a beautiful aroma. It can be used in roasts, teas, drinks, cocktails and even for a natural mozzie repellant (better smelling than Aerogard!!).


        Mint is also a great companion plant for your Airgarden, as it can help to repel cabbage moths and aphids. Did we mention it last for over 12 months!! Imagine how much money you will save when a bunch of mint costs $3 per punnet from Coles!!!




        There are about 13-18 varieties of the mint plant and some of the commonly used varieties in Oz are:


        Peppermint- Mentha piperita

        Spearmint or Curly Mint- Mentha spicata

        Wild Mint or Banana Mint- Mentha arvensis

        Orange Mint- Mentha citrata

        Apple Mint or pineapple mint- Mentha suaveolens

        Asian Mint- Mentha asiatica

        Basil mint- Mentha x piperata citrata ‘Basil’

        Chocolate Mint- Mentha piperita ‘Chocolate’

        Ginger Mint -Mentha x gracilis

        Thai Mint- Mentha arvensis ‘Thai’